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Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro Hmmmm. I think this is one of those books that requires further contemplation when you've finished. I'm left a little shell-shocked, I suppose. But I'm sure that was the point.Though I'm still not sure if I enjoyed Ishiguro's choice of narration style in this, and found it hard to become invested emotionally with the characters because of it, I can see now that it was very much intentional. The detached and matter of fact way in which things were described could have been boring if not for the intriguing and sometimes disturbing subject matter, and the mystery surrounding it all. But I see now it was just another characterization tool. The narrator was detached and matter of fact about her lot in life--something that makes the story all the more chilling and disturbing. This wasn't a story that grabbed me as I was reading, I never felt 100% invested, and never lost myself in the story the way that's possible with most novels, but it's a story that I think will always stick with me. Something I'll think about from time to time, if only because it's so possible. I think that's probably what makes the entire thing so brilliant.