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Will Grayson, Will Grayson - 'John Green',  'David Levithan' This was a really great read. I have been so caught up in paranormal YA recently that I'd lost sight of just how much I love contemporary fiction; it's just so relateable. Sure, I might never have been a gay high school senior or the best friend of a fabulously gay high school senior, but I think we've all dealt with moments of crippling uncertainty, when you're not sure who you are but the persona you've been wearing around like a mask for the last little bit just isn't fitting like it used to.It was a story about falling. In love. Into place. A love story without being a romance. It had its silly moments and there were times when I wanted to smack Tiny Cooper upside the head--I never truly saw him as a three dimensional character, and though the authors wanted him to come across as almost childishly sincere, I mostly saw him as a bit of a disingenuous caricature rather than a fully developed character. I think they could have done a lot more with him. They hinted at his barely there parents, binge drinking and reading between the lines, the psychology behind his serial dating, but never fully developed his story. Which was a shame, because instead of someone who got knocked around a bit but chooses to be a (very annoying) optimist, we got a self-centered egomaniac who maybe told himself he just wanted to brigthen everyone's day, but really just wanted attention.That being said, however ridiculous and over the top the ending was in hindsight (they got so much of the teenage emotional spectrum right, why ruin it by culminating in what amounted to the scene in all teen movies where suddenly everyone at prom is dancing in perfect choreography to the latest pop song that summarizes the character's deepest feelings perfectly--not that it wasn't fun and evocative to read on some levels, but... just... why?), I was caught up in it as I read. I loved that he was the catalyst for everyone around him. That his presence--or the lack thereof--changed the way people saw themselves, made the daunting task of identity just a little bit easier as they saw themselves through the lens of Tiny Cooper. Or maybe the voice.On a nerdier level, the repeated references to Schrodinger's cat, Neutral Milk Hotel and All Dogs Go to Heaven made my heart go pitter pat. (as did the fact that will grayson's--the other will grayson, not o.w.g.--chapters were entirely in lower case, as when i am not trying to be a super srs bsns book reviewer with deep thoughts and weighty opinions, i am too lazy for the shift button as well.)3.5 stars for a book that made me laugh, roll my eyes, catch my breath and smile a little shakily at the end.