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Beyond Eden

Beyond Eden - Kele Moon I find myself fascinated by BDSM stories, though often more intrigued and entertained by the psychological aspects than the sexual. Unfortunately, most BDSM fiction is shallow at best, abusive at worst, and leaves me rolling my eyes and wishing I hadn't started yet another disappointing attempt at the new erotic trend.BEYOND EDEN, while far from perfect, explored the dynamics between slave and Master, and the lengths to which a Dominant will go to please and protect his submissive. The relationship between Danny, Evie, and Paul, while codependent to an unhealthy degree, was more interesting than any other BDSM book I've read. The emotional spectrum explored--from the needs of a masochist, to the chameleon-like role of a Master, to the new initiate, to the switch, to simply lovers, and the implications of admitting your chosen lifestyle--held a depth I've rarely read in this genre. I'll definitely be reading more from this author.