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Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley "Where's the fire, Lucy Dervish?"In me. Under my skin.On the last day of Year 12, Lucy Dervish sets out to find the boy she's obsessed with: Shadow, the elusive graffiti artist she's been trying to find for months. His pieces speak to her; she feels connected to him through his art, as though she knows him though they've never met. Or have they? Through the course of the night, and against her better judgement, Lucy gets paired up with Ed, the drop out going nowhere who once gave her tingles in art class, and with whom she had a first date she's never been able to live down. Ed takes Lucy on a tour of the city, showing her places he knows Shadow's been. Though she is convinced she and Shadow are meant to be together, she can't help feeling a lingering connection to Ed. Graffiti Moon is written in a beautiful, lyrical style with three alternating (and sometimes overlapping) points of view that somehow succeed in working as a cohesive whole rather than fragmenting the narrative as seen in other novels. It is a quick read, but one that will make you laugh and sigh and swoon. It packs all the style and emotion of Marchetta, but without the weightiness of her intensity. As a side note: I really wanted to love this book more than I did. Pretty much everyone who read told me it was perfect for me, that it made them think of me while they were reading, that I would die of swoons. And while I did like it very much, I didn't love it the way most everyone else did. So perhaps it was just a case of being hyped too much, or me not being in the proper frame of mind. In either case, I would recommend you read Bri, Michelle, or Kassiah's reviews.