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Linger - Maggie Stiefvater I had looked forward to this book for months upon months, but unfortunately I was very disappointed. The pacing was completely off; the prologue added a layer of foreboding to every scene, which was completely understandable--I think we all knew what was coming in this sequel--but it was so heavy that I could not enjoy any of the sweetness between Sam and Grace. And that sweetness was few and far between. The beginning chapters lagged, and the significant events in the last chapters went by in such a blur I had to reread a few times to make sure I hadn't missed anything.The introduction of a new character, Cole, was interesting, but between his and Isabel's POV chapters, I didn't feel like I got enough Sam and Grace. And let's face it, as interesting as Cole and Isabel might be, I read the damn thing for Sam and, by extension, Grace. The ending was... awful. Heartwrenching. Though we knew what was coming, the way in which it was delivered did not sit right with me. Maybe I'm just bitter because I don't like sobbing uncontrollably over fictional characters, but the way in which she ended this book felt heavy-handed and cheap, as though it was an attempt to keep a death grip on readers to ensure they buy the final installment. All in all, I wish I hadn't read it. I will still pick up Forever when it's out next year, but I'm not looking forward to it in the way I was with Linger.