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Matched - Ally Condie I didn't love it. At this point... I can't say with 100% honesty that I even liked it. Maybe it was all the hype surrounding it, maybe the fact that it was billed as the more romantic answer to the Hunger Games--but I found it lacking in both style and plot.The plot... first of all, it felt a little bit like reading The Giver Redux style. The societies are nearly identical in structure. Secondly, there was no sense of urgency within the story to keep up the momentum. Every moment of 'suspense' or 'danger' was anticlimactic at worst and predictable at best. The red pill reveal? Is that all? Yawn.The writing style seemed a little dumbed down to me, but again that could have just been in comparison to the compelling prose of The Hunger Games. More than anything, my problem was that I never fell in love with the characters, or became invested in their choices and the resulting outcomes. Cassia was such a non-entity to me, I never felt as though I got to know her. Xander was the all-american nice boy, happy and well-rounded and nearly perfect, while Ky was merely his tortured and emo foil. I'm pretty sure my favorite character was the grandfather, and he got maybe 10 pages of face time.Though I know this is a teen romance and at 27 maybe I'm not supposed to get swoony over it, but I felt nothing in the 'romantic' moments. Not a tingle, a heartclench or a held breath to be found. It all fell very flat for me. Side note: why can they not read or write, but can use computers? Seems a little incongruous to me.All that being said, I will probably pick up the second book when it comes out--though I'll borrow instead of buy, just to be safe.