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Wicked Lovely - Melissa Marr Let's see if I can write a comprehensive review now that it's been a couple of weeks...I really enjoyed this book. I found the characters and the world Marr managed to build engaging and original. (Well, I assume original. This is my first book about faeries.) The hierarchy of the faerie world is explained just enough to be manageable and for the reader to become immersed, without being an overwhelming download of information that you know you'll never be able to remember. It was rich and interesting--the lore and behavior similar enough to the basics most everyone knows about faeries to be comfortable and familiar, but with enough twists thrown in to remain original.The characters, their behavior and their dialogue felt authentic. I fully believed I was reading about a seventeen year old girl, her desires and insecurities, her language and mannerisms all felt genuine. So many times while reading YA I end up making faces at dialogue or reactions--comes off flat and like my mom trying to speak like a teenager a lot of times. This was not the case with Wicked Lovely. Ash was lovely and strong, and again--an authentic teenage girl, with all the stubborn, petulant and insecure moments to make it feel real. Seth was... I have no words for him. I'm pretty sure Melissa Marr has been sneaking into my spank bank for some sinspiration. om nom nom nom.Two things I liked in particular about this story:1) No real love triangle. (At least from my perspective.) Though I feared it would eventually turn out that way, because of the trend I've been programmed to expect, I never saw Keenan as a contender. I never liked him at all, in fact. I was prepared to throw the book and not bother to continue with the rest of the installments if Ash suddenly turned on a dime and decided she wanted to be with him, because it just wouldn't have made any sense. 2) It felt like a standalone book. I'm getting very tired of trilogies and sages, etc. Not because I don't enjoy reading about the same character for greater lengths of time, but because none of the pieces ever make a whole. When I sit down to read a book, I expect a beginning, middle and end--even if the end isn't THE END. I want closure and a conclusion. I want what I'm reading to be a complete story, not merely an extremely long teaser for the next installment. Also, my perv is showing, but I loved how sexy it was, even within the YA parameters. I definitely got the tingles on more than one occasion. And she said fuck once. I might have clapped. This might be the least enlightening review ever. Hopefully it teaches me to sit down and do it right away rather than waiting weeks.