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Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins I LOVE THIS BOOK. Seriously.I stayed up all night reading it. My cheeks hurt from smiling. I lost count of the number of times I laughed out loud. I squealed OH REALLY to my empty bedroom. I actually flailed my hands on more than one occasion. I closed the book (okay, my Kindle case) with a happy, swoony sigh.I LOVE THIS BOOK.Talk about refreshing. A great YA novel that is all human with zero paranormal elements and--cue my shocked face--NO LOVE TRIANGLE. AND IT'S NOT EVEN A TRILOGY. Where are my smelling salts? I think I have a touch of the vapors. (It's late, please excuse my silliness.)Anna is...just adorable. True to life. Neurotic and stupid and angsty and all things an eighteen year old who suddenly finds herself alone in Paris should be. St. Claire (Etienne--sorry, that sound you just heard was my girly sigh of adoration) is... well, I would like one of my own. Where do I sign up, please? Their relationship is--again--true to life. You hang on their every interaction, and it all feels so perfectly normal. They are witty and silly and cute and stupid with one another, but not in the way that makes you scrunch up your face because you can never imagine a teenager behaving that way (you know, the Dawson's Creek syndrome where everyone in high school uses elevated vocabulary and they have deep discussions about Proust or whatever). It was an incredibly enjoyable read. Light and fun without lacking substance. A book that just leaves you feeling good, and nostalgic for your high school days--the good ones. Not the ones where NO ONE BUT THE CREEPY STALKER VAMPIRE/WEREWOLF/FAERIE/ALIEN/WITCH/WIZARD/ANGEL UNDERSTANDS YOU, ZOMG. Or something. Sorry, again, for the lame review. I need to go to bed and smile into my pillow some more.