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City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare Disappointing overall. I can't decide if City of Fallen Angels was worse than the previous three books, or if my tastes have changed since devouring the series when I first discovered YA. I feel as though the next three books will be a retelling of the first three. There were some interesting elements, but in general the writing felt amateurish, there were plot holes I could drive a truck through, and Jace. My lovely, lovely Jace was as surly and mopey as ever. I don't need Clary and Jace tied together with a bow, but I do need to feel as though there's been some progress in their relationship--or that they have one at all. As much as Simon's storyline is interesting, he is a secondary character. No one is reading solely for him. The draw is Jace, and by association, Clary. Additionally, I am tired of the cliffhangers. They probably shouldn't even be called cliffhangers anymore, as they're just expected when you're reading anything by Clare... but enough now. You have your readers invested (for the most part), there's no need to end it was a sheer drop off to ensure they return for the next installment. I paid for the book, I should be given a complete story. It's one thing to have an over-arching plot that is not resolved until the last book, it's another to leave a book incomplete with questions answered via piece meal after shelling out upwards of $80 for the series. Clare's bff Ms. Black should talk to her about how to write complete books within a series.