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Paper Towns - John Green I think I have a love/hate relationship with John Green. I absolutely love the way he writes--there's such realism and humanity and humor to his characters. (For the most part.) However, when I read a contemporary, I expect it to be realistic for the most part, and there always seems to be some element of the ridiculous in the John Green novels I've read. I have a hard time not rolling my eyes when things go off the rails into fantasy-land. Paper Towns was no exception, though it did not prevent me from enjoying the story. For the most part. I loved Quentin, and his ever-evolving sense of self and relationship with his friends. The road trip portion of the story was incredibly entertaining. I could have read an entire book about that alone. However, I hated Margo. Like, lip-curling, brow-furrowing disdain. To me, she was not a realistic character, she was a two-dimensional caricature--which I suppose can be chalked up to the unreliable narrator and his perception of her larger than life persona, but even the 'real' Margo we saw in the end fell flat for me--she was still selfish and horribly self-important. And the notebook thing? I don't even know what to say about that except: lame. I hated that the entire story was based around Q going to ridiculous lengths to find someone who obviously did not care about him, but merely craved attention any way--however dangerous or ridiculous--she could get it. But I thoroughly enjoyed the journey Q went on, and who he eventually became on the way. So. Yeah. The love/hate thing. I don't really know what to do about that.