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Hourglass - Myra McEntire I wavered between two and three stars, but ultimately decided it wasn't bad enough to warrant only two.I really wanted to love Hourglass. I'd been anticipating its release for weeks, excited by the time travel aspect as it's not something I've read much, but have always enjoyed when given the opportunity. And while the time traveling premise of Hourglass did prove interesting, it wasn't enough to make up for the inconsistent and somewhat flat characters.I found Emerson just kind of... empty. For someone who had gone through so much, she rarely exhibited any real depth of emotion. While at times she was snarky and made me laugh, mostly I found her flippant and selfish. She seemed to react to all the wrong things, and make decisions frivolously and for shallow reasons. While I understood her connection with Michael to a point--he was the only one in her entire life who truly understood what she was--she sacrificed nearly every other relationship in her life for him. She constantly blew off her best friend who'd been there for her when everyone else thought she was a freak, and she barely spared her brother or his sacrifices and concern for her a thought.I liked Michael in the beginning, but the way he constantly withheld information from Emerson 'for her own good' was tired and condescending. And sometimes didn't even make sense. Why did he get so mad when she read the article about Liam if telling her about it was his ultimate goal anyway? Why did he make it sound like their touching would have catastrophic effects when really, he was just trying to keep her from falling for him? And if that was the case, why did he initiate so much between them physically? BE CONSISTENT. Why was he so pouty when Kaleb kissed her? He should have been happy, given what he knew would happen in the future. And speaking of the outcome, considering Emerson's background, I thought it was a dick move that he didn't warn her in some way of what was going to happen. He was so concerned with protecting her, but didn't give a thought what the aftermath would do to her? Ass.I'd totally be Team Kaleb, if I thought Emerson was good enough for him. He was the most real character in the entire book. I felt more for--and from--him than any other character. The actual plot--once Michael decided it wouldn't hurt Emerson's poor little girl brain to know about it--was pretty awesome, though predictable. I liked the X-Men-esque sci-fi elements, and am interested to see them expanded in the second book.Hourglass has the potential to be a truly engaging and exciting series, if only McEntire can bring more depth to her characters in the subsequent books.