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Fracture - Megan Miranda 3 - 3.5 stars. In Fracture, Delaney Maxwell falls through a patch of thin ice into the freezing waters of the lake below. While her friends are eventually able to pull her out, Delaney remained under the water for eleven minutes--seven minutes past the mark brain damage is known to occur. Despite being in a coma for several days with a bleak prognosis, Delaney wakes perfectly healthy... or so it seems. Her brain scans show massive areas of damage, but she exhibits no symptoms. Except for a strange itching in the center of her brain, and a strong pull toward the dying. Delaney can't tell anyone about the strange feelings--not her parents, not her best friend, Decker, not anyone... until she meets Troy, who recently woke from a coma with the same strange sensations she has. He's the only one who understands, the only one who shares her ability. But are they merely drawn to the death, or causing it?I enjoyed reading Fracture. It was very well written with the exception of a few points I'll detail in a minute--very much in the same vein as Before I Fall, as it states in the official blurb. It was an intense and often creepy read, and I highlighted more than a few pretty passages to reread later. Things that kept it from being a 4 or 5 star read:- My god, 75% of the names were written in flowy script with a bright purple pen. Delaney Maxwell. Decker Phillips. Carson and Janna Levine. Troy Varga. Not a normal name to be found.- The pacing was a bit off. The middle was a little meandering, while the ending was very intense and felt a bit abrupt.- Few of Delaney's parents' reactions were believable or likable.- I very much liked Decker and Delaney's relationship in the beginning, and was rooting for them all the way through. I definitely felt their struggles and was sick over the misunderstandings, but some things he did did not have adequate explanations / resolutions to redeem him.And the biggest detraction:Very few--if any--answers were given. How and why did she survive? Why did she have this power? How did she get it? Why doesn't everyone who emerges from a coma have the same? What will she do with it? How is it that she is not being questioned for any of the deaths she was involved in?While I did enjoy reading Fracture, I found the ending abrupt and unsatisfying. This was not a paranormal or a fantasy style story; questions were posed that needed answers in order for the story to be resolved, and unfortunately those answers were not provided. This book was given to me by the author for review, through Nova Ren Suma's Debut Author giveaway series. -