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Bared to You  - Sylvia Day Though I have no idea the timeline of when this was written, throughout my reading all I could think was that Bared to You was manufactured solely to be The Answer to Fifty Shades Fans' Question of 'What Next?'. Bared to You was nothing more than a series of contrived dramas, interspersed with some well-written smut and sprinkled with a bit of psycho-babble to give it the illusion of depth.I think the author maybe went about this the wrong way. It would have done very well as a fan-fiction; I'm sure the overly-dramatic and repetitious plot would have been masked by posting it in chapter-by-chapter installments--plus the OH HEY BTW THIS IS A BDSM BOOK moment at the end would have probably been titillating rather that eyeroll inducing. The best I can say about Bared to You is that it's much better written--and certainly sexier--than Fifty Shades of Gray (though that's not exactly shining praise), and I can say without much doubt that if you liked that series, you'd probably like this.