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The Submissive (The Submissive #1) - Tara Sue Me I think everyone paying attention lately has some strong feelings about the spate of fanfiction (largely Twilight-derived) getting massive publishing deals. My initial feeling of distaste has evolved into a kind of reluctant acceptance. Fifty Shades of Grey has changed the nature of publishing--for better or for worse--and if it's going to happen regardless, I'd like to see it happen to good people with actual talent.Which is why it pains me to write this review.I read The Submissive when it was still posting as a work in progress on fanfiction.net, and I loved it. It was the first BDSM story I'd ever encountered, and coupled with the dynamics between Edward and Bella, and the wait between chapters, I was entranced.But, reading fanfiction is a very different experience than reading a novel. The foundation is already set for the reader; we know the essence of the characters already, and have certain expectations where they are concerned. I don't know how much editing was done for this published version, but I do know it was not enough to bridge the gap between fanfiction and an original work. There was very little character development. In fact, not once were Abby King's physical characteristics even described. Not even the color of her hair. The relationship between Nathaniel and Abby, without the benefit of already knowing they're meant to be together, as with Edward and Bella, felt too fast, and ultimately, flat. My reaction to the first blow job scene was, "Whoa. Girl, you don't even KNOW HIM." Which, I assure you, was very different from my reaction to its original version.And in the end, the story of how Nathaniel and Abby came to be together was head scratching at best. And weird. Nathaniel basically stalked her without ever once approaching her, and then kept tabs on her for years afterward. Abby developed a sexual obsession with the man who randomly saves her mother's house from foreclosure. These things work with within the world of Twilight, but don't come off as believable or romantic here. I was really hoping The Submissive (which was basically the source material for James' fanfiction Master of the Universe) would be a shining example of what good fanfiction really is with a talented writer behind it. Unfortunately, this did not translate well to original fiction. I hope more editing is done in the sequels to make it a stronger story. In any case, I'm looking forward to Tara's forthcoming original (non-fanfiction based) novels.