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Black Heart (Curse Workers Series #3)

Black Heart - Holly Black This may very well be one of those reviews I come back and change after a later reread. I wanted so badly to give this five stars, to have all three books in the series match, but I just couldn't muster it for Black Heart.I should give the disclaimer that I read this during a very busy, distracting time so perhaps I was not in the right frame of mind, but I found the first half--if not 2/3rds--slow and meandering. Don't get me wrong, I love Cassel--he could just tell me about his every mundane day in his snarky self-deprecating voice and I'd still enjoy it--but for me there was something missing in the beginning. I didn't get the sense of urgency, or the longing, or any of the smart, keep-me-guessing-until-the-end mystery elements. And I'm still wondering what the hell the Mina sub-plot was there for. All in all, I enjoyed it. The last third lived up to my Holly Black expectations and I sped toward the last page, and ended with a happy sigh. I definitely recommend this series; it's one of--if not THE--best done YA trilogies I've read. And like I said, I'm likely to reread at some point and roll my eyes at my own review.