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Vanish (Firelight Series)

Vanish: A Firelight Novel - Sophie Jordan I wanted so much more from this follow up to Firelight, which was a lush and refreshing take on YA fantasy. Unfortunately, Vanish suffers from what I hope is merely Second Book Slump and not an indication of the way the third book will go. Vanish picks up immediately where Firelight left off--as though Jordan wrote them as one big book and split them in half--with Cassian taking Jacinda, Tamra and their mother back to the pride. What follows is three hundred pages of prettily written teenage angst as Jacinda vacillates between her feelings for Will and the ones she's beginning to develop for Cassian. And while that wasn't unexpected--I think we all knew the love triangle element was going to ramp up in the second book--I certainly didn't expect it to be the only thing to happen in three hundred pages. There was literally no forward progression in the plot. None. All the questions posed in Firelight remain unanswered, and Vanish failed to pose any compelling questions of its own. Except, of course, Team Will or Team Cassian?I hope the next book in the series meets the expectation set by Firelight and does not continue in the vein of Vanish.